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All orders may be cancelled at any time prior to commencement of production, with timely email notification only. Qualifying orders will be issued a refund in full, which shall be applied to the same credit card used for processing the initial order. If, for any reason, the aforementioned card is not available, an equal credit for future purchase will be granted in lieu of a refund.


Due to the customized nature of the products, no refunds shall be extended.

However, in the unlikely event the product received does not match that which was ordered, or if any material defects exist, the customer may choose to receive one of the following:

  • A full refund + 10% Off the purchase price of one Wrap
  • An equal and expedited exchange + 10% Off the purchase price of one additional Wrap

Given the inherent properties of printed and non-printed self-adhesive vinyl media, and the fully-expected contact conditions to which skate blades and sticks are exposed in the course of normal use and activity, there are no associated product warranties — written, expressed, or implied.


None warrantied, nor accepted.


All orders originate in the United States. Couriers include United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Federal Express, and/or a combination thereof. Although very infrequent, miscellaneous shipping issues and delays can occur — country to country, province to province, and state to state. Any such problems are, naturally, outside of our control. Hence, RINK RAT WRAPZ can not, and shall not, be held liable.


Although uncommon, inconsistent, and largely unpredictable, potential country-specific customs requirements for Duty, Government Taxes, and Miscellaneous Fees do exist. Any such additional requirements for product delivery are, likewise, outside of our control. Therefore, they shall, in their entirety, be the sole responsibility of the recipient.


If, for any reason, a customer is not 100% satisfied with product or services rendered by RINK RAT WRAPZ, they are requested to promptly contact us for conscientious review of the matter.

Although we reserve the right to enforce and exercise the policies described herein, our foremost interest is to care for our valued customers and, in so doing, we promise to extend all we reasonably can to exceed expectations. Likewise, it is our promise to always convey the same professional courtesy and respect that we expect for ourselves in return.


All Gift Certificates associated with Rink Rat Wrapz, LLC are subject to each of the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Availability — At this time, Gift Certificates are available for United States orders only.
  • Validity — Gift Certificates have no expiration date.
  • Redemption — Each Gift Certificate has a stated full value, established at the time of purchase, for use towards the subsequent purchase(s) of any product(s) currently available on only. Any and all product(s) purchase amounts exceeding the stated full value of the Gift Certificate, and/or the potential Gift Certificate balance, shall be the sole responsibility of the user, and must be paid with any available payment method at the time of Gift Certificate redemption. Examples of such potential excess amounts include sales tax, priority shipping, etc.
  • Restrictions — Gift Certificates may not be used to purchase other Gift Certificates, nor may they be redeemed for cash. Any potential promotions for monetary discounts do not apply to the purchase of a Gift Certificate.
  • Balance — Any and all unused Gift Certificate balance shall remain associated with the same corresponding Claim Code for future redemption. Gift Certificates cannot be reloaded.
  • Currency — The currency value of each Gift Certificate is consistent with that which was used to purchase the same Gift Certificate.
  • Registration — Gift Certificates are not registered to any specific user. As such, they should be considered a live instrument with monetary value, and be safe-guarded accordingly.
  • Risks — The risks of loss and title for each Gift Certificate pass solely to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission of each Gift Certificate to the corresponding recipient. Contact information used for the aforementioned electronic transmission shall be that which was submitted by the purchaser, at the time of purchase. Rink Rat Wrapz, LLC shall not be held responsible or liable for any lost, misplaced, or stolen Gift Certificate. Similarly, all risk associated with the potential fraudulent use of a Gift Certificate is the sole responsibility of the recipient and, likewise, passes upon electronic transmission, as previously noted.
  • Policies and Privacy — All purchases associated with the use of a Gift Certificate are subject to all the standard Policies and Privacy conditions noted herein and at, respectively.
  • Liability Limitations — Rink Rat Wrapz, LLC makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to physical and/or electronic Gift Certificates. This includes, without limitation, any expressed or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In the event a Gift Certificate Claim Code is non-functional, the sole remedy of the purchaser, and the sole liability of Rink Rat Wrapz, LLC, shall be the replacement of such Gift Certificate Claim Code.
  • Amendments — Terms and Conditions associated with Gift Certificates may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of Rink Rat Wrapz, LLC, and shall be binding on the purchaser and user.

As the Coronavirus global response evolves, RINK RAT WRAPZ will continue to accept and process orders. However, shipment may be subject to delay due to limited or non-availability of required manufacturing materials, and/or to courier restrictions which vary by country, province, and state. We thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding.

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