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Are skate Wrapz sold as a pair?

Yes, skate Wrapz are sold as a complete pair. Each order will include a left and a right skate.

How long will it take to install my Wrapz?

It is typical for skate Wrapz to be properly installed in 30 minutes, or less. This includes a thorough reading of the Instructions, and watching the Demonstration Video in its entirety. Factors impacting more or less time, include the extent to which the surfaces to be wrapped need be prepared, and the level of acceptable precision regarding alignment of seams and edges. Stick Wrapz are typically installed in 20 minutes, or less. The time-impact factors noted above also apply.

Can I use a hair dryer to install my Wrapz?

Yes. A hair dryer or a heat gun can be used for installation. Open flame should never be used as a heat source.

Will my Wrapz fall off?

No. Assuming Wrapz are installed in accordance to the Instructions, and the conditions to which they are exposed are normal with regards to intended use and activity, they will be secure and safe.

Can my Wrapz get marked, scratched, or cut?

Yes. Hockey is a fast-paced, contact sport, with regular exposure to multiple impact situations of varying degrees. In the same way unwrapped skate blades and sticks are vulnerable to markings, scratches, and cuts, Wrapz are as well. However, it should be noted that they are constructed of the same impact-resistant, laminated vinyl, which is used on vehicle wraps. This application is time-tested, and combats all the elements — rain, snow, sand, sun, and sleet. In other words, Wrapz are remarkably durable relative to their intended use. Also of note, they are priced accordingly.

Is it possible to get "Multi ColourColor" Wrapz in different colourcolor combinations?

Yes. If your team colourcolor combination isn’t currently available, or you don’t see your favourite, Contact Us and we’ll be pleased to customize your request.

Can my Wrapz last a full season?

Yes. Although Wrapz can be maintained for several seasons, they are designed to please our fellow Rink Rats, most of whom want to periodically change their style with new patterns, finishes, and colourscolors. In order to accommodate this, their cost is very affordable.

Should I be concerned about the ripple that’s in my Wrapz after they’re removed from the shipping tube?

No. It is not uncommon for some Wrapz to be unrolled from the shipping tube with a section, or more, that is lifted from the backer. The separation is due to the inherent material properties, and is not an indicator of defective product. When the Wrapz are fully-lifted from the backer for installation, the rippled section(s) will position, adhere, finish, and perform consistent with all other sections.

What should I do if there’s a problem?

We understand that unexpected issues arise from time to time. In the unlikely event this happens to you, please Contact Us immediately so that we can discuss the matter together. Friendliness, respect, and professionalism are very important to us. Bottom line, we want our Rink Rats to be happy, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is to do all we reasonably can to exceed your expectations

We stand by our products and our customers.

RINK RAT WRAPZ is founded, owned, and operated by a family who values personal and professional integrity above all else. If you are less than completely satisfied in any way, please let us know. We will promptly respond to you with courtesy and respect, and do all we reasonably can to exceed your expectations.


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